Care for Good Health

Good healthcare goes beyond offering quality products. Rhino has been relentlessly taking initiatives to promote good and healthy living, from raising awareness about health to establishing healthcare facilities. With the help of Dr. P. L. Oswal Memorial Committee, Rhino has successfully managed to conduct medical camps and seminars in schools and in underprivileged regions of Assam.

Care for Community

For community welfare, Rhino has partnered with NGOs and Lions Club Dhubri, which has powered Rhino’s actions.

Quality education is the right of every citizen, and to reinforce this, Rhino has provided many underprivileged schools with equipment like blackboards, green-boards, dusters, chalks, sports equipment and even books.

Rhino has sponsored the education of many students who are not financially stable. Not only this, Rhino has formed a team that helps the needy in finding jobs. The high poverty levels in several regions of Assam have not gone unnoticed by the company. This is why Rhino aims to provide basic utilities like food and clothes to the needy.

Our CSR Activities

Our CSR activities outlines how our company is accountable to our own selves, to all our staffs, to the stakeholders, to the common public and even from the local to the global environment. Our CSR model is aimed at not just benefitting the society, but will make our business a sustainably balanced one.

Our Environmental, Social and Governance Criteria
All our actions and policies are aimed at reducing carbon footprint and not harm the environment.

Our diversity and inclusion
Our staffs include people from various cultural and ethnic and gender backgrounds.

Through all such initiatives of ours, we are furthering our mission to build a sustainable future for the business and the environment.

Care for Environment

We’re committed to being good stewards by living in harmony with nature. We actively take initiatives to unify our community with nature, restore biodiversity and promote sustainability.

Rhino has partnered with Dr. PL Oswal Memorial Committee, a non-profit organization that works in the rural areas of Assam, to undertake the task of planting Neem trees across the land of Assam.

We feel proud that on our 25th Anniversary, we planted over 10000 Neem Trees across Dhubri District in Assam. Besides this, we continuously work on improving our practices and processes to reduce the wastage of natural resources and make them more organic and regenerative.

Environment Day at Rhino

With the help of Dr. P.L. Oswal Memorial Committee, every year Rhino Research Products undertakes the task of planting trees. Students from schools are also invited to volunteer to make it a learning event and raise awareness about preserving the environment among our future generations.

Rhino makes it a fun event for children by taking them to historical places, conducting games and ending the day by asking students to share their learnings.

We believe that it is our collective and individual responsibility to tend to nature; therefore, we launched the magazine “Prakritir Pratidhawani” to raise awareness about environmental conservation and protection. It acts as an instrument for students to voice out their opinions about the environment.